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Default What if people/AIM are selling/distributing powers?

...and that's how Wanda and Pietro get their powers? We already see with IM3 that AIM was giving out Extremis as a way to "heal" people, and in Agents of SHIELD and Item 47 that, after the Battle of New York, people are selling and using all kinds of leftover Chitauri tech in addition to Extremis to give themselves powers in this new world. A2 would be the logical progression of that, where someone with a perfected Extremis virus or other means of tapping into the "brain slot" is literally selling powers to people, and with all these people popping up with powers all over the world, maybe Tony Stark builds Ultron to help contain these people?

Maybe Wanda and Pietro could be some kind of child soldier recruits for a PMC that is using these powers to in turn increase their own political and militant influence? And oppose what the Avengers stand for? Just a thought on how they could fit in.

Another pro of this plot is that it makes transitioning from the first Avengers film to the second extremely smooth. It's a direct result of the Battle of New York, that people are reacting to aliens falling from the sky by trying to give themselves powers, and doesn't require everyone to have seen the other 3-4 phase 2 films to get. It would just add an extra layer of coolness to pick up on some of the elements that were set up in pst films, like Extremis.

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