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Default Re: Bonus Material on the IM3 DVD&BR

For the bonus material itself, I really liked the Boot & Glove out take deleted stuff. Watching RDJ ad-lib lines while tied to the bed is a pure treat. Does anyone improvise as good as RDJ? How could Shane Black choose just one take? So many great lines, it had to be a tough call.

Unlike some other Marvel films, there was nothing I found that I feel should have stayed in the movie.

Why even film the stuff with the kid's bully? Who needed to see that or have the bully there when Tony was attacked in town? That was a very good cut.

I'm not sure how to feel about Maya's extended sacrifice scene. She went out in style in the deleted scenes but it was a bit confusing. She rigged a plant to explode to take out Killian? What?

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