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Default Re: What if the Prequels were Good?

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
Glad someone actually watched them haha. The guy has some great ideas.
It's really frustrating seeing all these people who praise the prequels out of some sort of sad denial. I really don't care who berates me for being honest.

The Phantom Menace was a solid attempt to make a memorable movies that would advance the lore and please fans. However it was just two hours of Lucas chasing the dragon so to speak and this doomed him to failure from the start. The jokes weren't funny, the characters were bland, and politics were so convoluted and boring that all the adults can easily pick them apart and the kids completely clocked out.

Attack of the Clones was 100% phoned in. Dooku doesn't show up until half way through the movies, Hayden was cast for looks, Boba Fett shows up for no reason, the politics get more ridiculous, the whole thing felt like subpar fan faction.

Revenge of the Sith was like one of those presentations you gave in high school, where you had no idea what you're talking about so you try to throw as many distractions as you can until you wrap it up. I think at some point Lucas realized he'd barely told the story of Darth Vader so he started the whole thing by back tracking. Telling us in the intro Obi-Wan and Anakin are friends, Anakins a good pilot, and he's caring even for the expendable clones. Then the rest of the movie is just 5 lightsaber fights which George used as the equivalent of dangling candy in front of a little kid.

You may love these movies, you may adore them, but they're lazy and sloppily written. Who do I think I am that I can say this? I'm honest and I'm intelligent enough to see that the new films didn't have a fraction of the depth that even a few scenes in Empire did. It's like comparing Elektra to the Dark Knight, they're superhero movies but one was made for quick cash and one was executed with deep care. It's kind of sad, when you read all these comments from people who try and point to these films deep misunderstood brilliance. You never even listen to criticism because you know deep down its legitimate and you just don't want to admit it.

Gianakin if you felt you had "no place in this thread" you would have stayed out of it, instead you've refused to watch RedLetterMedia, you refused to watch this, you've actually refused to accept any constructive criticism at all. You also defend your choice to enter these conversations by saying you don't like vacuums that lack diversity of opinion, yet you don't actually hear out the opposite opinion, effectively leaving your mind a closed vacuum none the less.

The same goes for all the rest of you who probably don't know much about film making, and refuse to listen to the legitimate opinions of those who do. Yeah go ahead and say I'm attacking you, if my words offend you, then you're just telling me I struck a nerve and that I am right because if you don't see my logic I wouldn't be bothering you at all.

Watch an episode of Family Guy, almost any single one, you'll find a reference to the star wars films; note none of which are towards the prequels. Look at various TV show parodies of Star Wars, never see one about the prequels, well not one that's taking them seriously that is. If these movies were as loved or as great as any one of you say then tell me why they haven't sank into pop culture?

If the villains were so great and memorable then how come they did nothing villainous?

In A New Hope, Darth Vader enters coldly observing a landscape of dead bodies, Chokes out a guy with one hand, chokes someone mentally for disagreeing with his beliefs, tortures the female lead, destroys a peaceful populated planet resembling earth, kills the heroes mentor, and has a rich history within the story.

In The Phantom Menace Darth Maul stabs Qui-Gon, a guy he's never had any contact with before and in battle.

See a difference there? It doesn't get any better as the films go on, it almost did in Sith with Grievous murdering Shaak Ti in cold blood, but they cut that. The most evil thing we see is Anakin killing the children, the guy we're supposed to feel sympathetic for is being more evil on screen than all of the other antagonists of the trilogy combined.

Also if those movies are so great why is it I can't go to target or walmart or best buy and find the complete saga or the original trilogy box set but I can easily grab the prequel one in both Blu Ray and DVD I might add? I guess it's just so loved and adored they had to make sure it's always in stock right?

Sure go ahead and show me all the critics that raved about them and the box office sales. I'll feel free to respond with the high marks for films like Spider-Man 3, and quite a few other bad films everyone wants to love. Anyway, just thought I should point that out to anyone who's got their fingers in their ears.

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