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Originally Posted by Just_Human View Post
- Listened to Captain America for 3 hours, about how he has been struggling with the modern world
- Took a 2 hour nap trying to help Barton recollect pre-Natasha punch memories; Thor wanted to have a session with Banner, but Barton told him to get in line
- Played Angry Birds on his iPod while Natasha was babbling about some love triangle
- Finally, couldn't take all the whining anymore, put a bullet in his mouth aaaand .... Hulk sequel
Oh, come on now. No way that Black Widow wastes time talking about love triangles. Like Banner hasn't suffered enough being elected Stark's official unofficial psychiatrist.

I would actually love if every film ended with a Banner tag. I've heard some people complain that it was pointless and I know most fans would rather have something that teases future plots, but that scene made my fangirl heart go... well... .

Especially if you imagine that poor Banner got roped into this impromptu therapy session only after Stark had eliminated every other possibility. Come on, you know that Bruce wasn't Tony's first victim. I honestly imagine there were like eight failed takes.
Rhodes: Yeah, if you recall I was there, Tony. And, you know, I think I would have remembered the part where you took down every one on that ship and fly off into the sunset. I - I can't even believe this, I'm out of here.
Pepper: *Sigh* Tony, I can't listen to this. Some of us have actual work to - I know, and it means so much but I still have - Tony, I'm leaving. No. No.
Fury: Stark, shut the **** up.
Widow: *Raised eyebrow* Do you really want to be telling me this, Stark? Some of us still have a job to do.
Hawkeye: *Glare* Do you really want to be telling me this, Stark? Because I really don't want to listen.
Cap: *Concern* Maybe you should talk to someone about this, it sounds serious not like something you should be using as an autobiography.... *Backs out as quickly as possible*
Thor: Aye! And let me regale you with the tale of the time I - *takes over conversation completely*

Hell, it's Tony Stark. He probably tried to JARVIS about it.

Originally Posted by Loki822
Hulk may not have spoke in the Avengers, but he was no idiot either. He stood there and waited patiently for Cap to give the others orders, then obeyed Cap's orders. He was also able to work on a team and comprehend what the others were saying an doing. He also remembered Banner's bromance with Tony since Hulk was the one who save IM when he was falling. Personally, I prefer a more intelligent Hulk. Planet Hulk is my favorite Hulk story and he became a freaking King in that story. I also loved Hulk in Avengers: EMH.
I agree; despite his lack of dialog, the Hulk's personality really came through just by virtue of the "acting". I mean, when it comes to the Hulk's characterization there appear to be just under a hundred different schools of thought inspiring plenty of raging fan debates. Yet folks came out of The Avengers pretty awestruck by our lovable jade giant. Joss Whedon managed to strike a hell of a balance (seriously, has anyone checked to see if he's sold anything to Mephisto lately?) by giving us a mostly silent Hulk for those who see him as nothing but Banner's rage personified (or, more accurately, monsterified) who had enough personality that you believed that he could have spoken up at any time if you were so inclined. It was successful enough that I figure Age of Ultron will continue on that same road.

I know A:EMH is a popular property to bring up when looking for an ideal way to portray the Hulk, but honestly it makes a poor comparison. The most obvious reason being the budget. On the commentary track Joss talks about how difficult it was giving Hulk screen time in the battle of New York and it all came down to money issues. Just as major a reason the two aren't comparable is that A:EMH is pretty much Banner-free. Now, I get that I'm totally in the minority here, but I adore Banner. I am one of the few people that doesn't sit around waiting for the Hulk. I would much rather hear Bruce go on about science. That being said, I totally get why they all but removed the Banner element for the show. It's all a matter of balancing the ensemble. And it's a choice that made it necessary for the Hulk to be able to hold real conversations. AoU, on the other hand, is never going to have even the majority of Ruffalo's screen time go to the Hulk. The times you're really going to get to see Hulk speaking is when he's standing around with the others - that's a natural "speaking point". The problem is that when you're going to see the Hulk on film it will likely be during "smashing points" - moments that don't necessarily lend themselves towards being dialog heavy.

I'm actually rather nervous about AoU in terms of Banner's character. Like I said, I'm honestly more a Bruce fan and may be the single person on the planet who isn't constantly rooting for the Hulk to come out and play. However, I am having a difficult time coming up with a role for Bruce to fill. One that doesn't leave him standing alone in the corner with nothing to do. To be completely fair, they haven't actually started production and I have no idea where exactly they are headed with the story. I am sure they have a role for Banner but for now.... Well, it would be a shame if the wasted such a wonderful talent on nothing more than a cameo.

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