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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by Rust View Post
Yeah, the Spiderman-outfit was pretty much what is on the pages, but the MOS-suit hardly was. They left out the trunks, which I know they also did recently with the 52-suit, but that happened more or less around the same time.
But with the ornaments, the bracelet-things, the heavy chainmail-look, the desaturated colors and no spit-curl, it was hardly straight from the pages.
The mesh skin itself is actually a thin layer that was stretched over the MOS bodysuit before the remaining foam-latex elements were affixed.

And yes, Spider-Man's movie costume certainly is incredibly similar to the one depicted in the source material; that's a fact. I think Spidey's look translates much better on film as is (with little need for alteration) though. Superman's outfit, on the other hand, required a modern update. I don't care for the "desaturated colors" and piping around the torso and legs, but everything else is pretty spot-on. The mesh skin (or dimensional chain-mail texture), in particular, gives the suit a very sleek appearance in my opinion.

Ponder this, CB fans: In a fictional world where the limits and laws of time and space are pushed every day; where mystical convergences and otherworldly phenomena are the norm; where we are to believe that "a man can fly" and emit beams of concussive force from his eyes, why is it then so difficult to fathom that, in such a place, there also exists a rare breed of man capable of extraordinary feats beyond that of his ken -- the peak human realized in the form of Bruce Wayne, The Batman?

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