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Default Re: What would have happened if Avengers failed?

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
The comics would have suffered too. There must have been a bunch of new readers because of the film.
Oh absolutely, not just in terms of new readers coming on board but also writers willing to work on said characters. Compared to most people here, I'm a fairly new reader to comics, I've noticed that with the early Ultimate comics from the early 2000s in Marvel(at least from what I've read), they had better writers and overall better stories and somehow bigger roles for characters that had prominent movies out at the same time(like Spidey, & X-Men) compared to the Avengers(otherwise known as the Ultimates) at the time.

After reading the Ultimates 1 Ultimate collection I did not like the writing compared to Ultimate Spider-Man and I thought that the characterization made them all douchebags(Ant-Man especially). Looking at Avengers titles now(especially post-movie) things have vastly improved, I'm loving the Avengers Assemble title especially when Bendis was writing, the main title isn't too bad either.

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