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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 5

I feel almost certain we are going to end up with a Arkham Games style suit. A fabric look but with obvious armor plating. think TDK mixed with Arkham games. Hell even the new Arkham Origins game is a mixture of Nolans TDK suit with the previous Arkham style.

I know its speculation but I also do expect to see a Very Dark Grey with Black costume. the Cowl I suspect will also remain very similar with a neck and Cowl that can move freely so Batman can turn his head. Looking forward to see what its really going to look like.

To those wanting the Batman Dead End style suit the one that is basically spandex and torn right from the pages of the comics... Those days are over we didn't get that in Batman 1989 Nor will we get it now. Besides I think this look looks horrible in live action, its just a glorified Spandex Cosply outfit.

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