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We Have a Winner Adam West welcome back
And it's entirely possible.

Bullets harmlessly bouncing off nanotechnology T-shirts

"When a bullet strikes body armor, the fibers of these materials absorb and disperse the impact energy to successive layers to prevent the bullet from penetrating" Dr. Liangchi Zhang explains to Nanowerk. "However, the dissipating forces can still cause non-penetrating injuries which is known as blunt force trauma. Even when the bullet is stopped by the fabric, the impact and the resulting trauma would leave a severe bruise and, at worst, damage critical organs. Hence the best material for body armor should have a high level of elastic storage energy that will cause the bullet to bounce off or be deflected."
"We may very roughly estimate the thickness of a possible CNT body armor material composed of several layers of woven carbon nanotube yarns if we can assume that the nanoscale properties can be extended simply to a macroscale case" says Zhang. "We feel this is justified because, when a CNT is grown, its diameter is in nanometers but its atomic structure along its length, in micrometers, does not change. In other words, it is completely different to the metal case of the microstructural change from monocrystalline to polycrystalline."

Taking their assumptions, the researchers estimate that a 600 micrometer thick body armor woven from six layers of CNT yarn – the same thickness as a very fine T-shirt – is sufficient to bounce off a .358 inch revolver bullet with a muzzle energy of 320 Joules.
Time to bring back the spandex.

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