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Default Re: "Gotham" the TV Series coming to Fox -- how will effect the new Batman?

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
Supposedly the Flash series will be a bit more traditional, with him wearing the suit and calling himself the Flash. But it would be funny if they did a 180 on that and gave him the "Blur" treatment. Let's brainstorm on what they could call him.

"The Fast Man"
"The Red Mask"
"The Bolt"
"The Runner"
"The Pocket Rocket"
"The Crimson Tide"
"The Other Blur"
Yeah, I've read what they've said about it being closer to the source, but I'm sort of in a "believe it when I see it" position. I believe them when they say he'll where a costume that isn't a hoody and that he'll be called the Flash, but that doesn't tell me that it won't be a compromised, dumbed-down version of the character and his world. Len Snart, CEO of Cold Incorporated, and all that...

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