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Default Re: What if people/AIM are selling/distributing powers?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
That would be awful. They should stick with the comics version where the twins were born with their powers. The reason for that can be explained in a number of ways that have already been discussed in other threads.
Except things don't work like that in the MCU. It makes no sense to have people who are all of a sudden born with powers when that has never happened in the past, as far as we know, and wouldn't fit with the universe they've created. The precedent for the MCU is that powers are received through science, and the super soldier serum was the beginning of it. They've shown they want to ground this universe in reality, people aren't just born with powers. There's a reason they introduced the brain slot and Extremis in IM3 and why they linked Bruce Banner's mutation to the super soldier serum.

And I haven't seen any compelling cases for the twins being born with powers in the MCU in other threads. And there's really nothing of value added to having them being born with powers, all it would do is confuse people and pretty much just create a copout for people to have powers. Stan Lee himself admitted that mutants in the Marvel Universe was a lazy way to give ordinary people powers.

Like, you'd really have to come up with a sound argument for why exactly it would be horrible for the twins to not be born with powers in the MCU, because everything really points to the opposite being out of place.

Originally Posted by Ant-manic View Post
i can imagine someone experimenting on the romani people. but they are too old for it to be the Advanced Idea Mechanics of the movies.
I don't think they're going to have had their powers for a long time in the movie, if they don't get them in the movie itself. There's a reason they're making them young.

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