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Default Re: What if people/AIM are selling/distributing powers?

And in the comics Wanda didn't even develop her powers until right before Magneto recruited them, so it fits with the comics to not have them have powers until they're older.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
That's only what we have so far, we don't know it hasn't happened in the past, it's just what has been shown so far. Be a bit more open to other ideas. There is no way that EVERY single power of an earth person in the MCU will be science based. There probably going to be another dozen super powered earthlings introduced in the future. Bet my ass they won't ALL be scientifically acquired. Having Wanda and Pietro, while relatively unlikely, have powers that occur naturally is still a legitimate possibility.
It doesn't fit with the universe they've created, as I said. There's a reason why everyone in AOS will receive powers through science, and in the comics themselves the only people who have powers without science are mutants, who the MCU doesn't have access to. So I see nothing suggesting at all Marvel will ever bring in people who are born with powers, and they've really gone out of their way to negate the need for that. I am open to ideas, if I think they make sense and have concise logic backing them. And people being born with powers in the MCU doesn't match that for me.

Unless the twins are half-alien or something, they shouldn't be born with powers in the MCU.

My point with this is that it creates a perfect follow up to the first Avengers film and a way to include the twins in the script that makes complete sense. People are now selling powers as a commodity in this new world, a reaction to aliens dropping from the sky, and the twins are a product of that and the film's main look into the perspective of that side of the story. Just a theory, but I hope it happens.

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