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Default Re: What if people/AIM are selling/distributing powers?

I have no problem with magic, but introducing magic in what Joss himself has called a very sci-fi laden film with an AI as the villain sounds pretty unnecessary and out of place. Not to mention introducing magic before Doctor Strange is not a good idea either. It's the same as people saying the twins should be Inhumans prior to an Inhumans film.

My point is that, if they were bringing in the twins after Inhumans or Doctor Strange, then I would have no problem with their powers having a Terrigen Mist or magic origin...but they're not. And it's for the better imo, because it would just be lazy to try and pass off the twins' powers under another character/properties' tropes. I would be glad if they don't not take the easy/lazy route and are going to make their power's origins actually scientific and tie back into the plot.

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