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Default Re: The Xbox One - Part 3

The technology sounds amazing but I think they're focusing on the wrong area. They should be absolutely optimising the tech for one person so that it really feels futuristic like Minority Report. The extra people is a novelty bonus and only one at a time are going to be playing a game seriously where it needs to be super accurate & responsive.

And as for a 10+ year lifespan that's terrible for the future of gaming even if it means good value for money (if the consoles last) and big profits. Unless the cloud or some other technology is going to give these consoles a massive boost it means very limited development during those last few years of the console's life.

The specs of XB1 & even PS4 will be totally irrelevant by that time. Optimisation can only go so far when you have so little to work with. I can see myself going over more fully to pc gaming if this pans out.

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