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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by LordofhouseEl View Post
I disagree considering despite a solid upper body it appereared he had chicken legs. This is not an insult to his hard work and effort just pointing out your statement is incorrect.
You don't know what chicken legs are.

Originally Posted by DaRkVeNgeanCe View Post
I think not, chicken legs are dudes who don't work legs at all maybe he lacked there compared to the rest but again that's not chicken legs.
"Chicken legs" are very thin, bony legs on a man or a woman; they basically have no shape or curve whatsoever. In sharp contrast, some people are genetically gifted in the sense they have naturally strong/muscular thighs and calves, the latter in particular. Others have to work at it. Of course, like you said, (even if one already has good legs to begin with) lack of symmetry between the upper and lower body can give the appearance of one or more scrawny body parts. Cavill certainly does not have chicken legs.

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