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Default Re: What if people/AIM are selling/distributing powers?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Also, even when they *do* introduce magic, its not going to be "and now every scientist randomly loses 100 IQ points." Its going to be like the magic in Thor: you say "potato," I say "we don't have a good scientific theory for the magical stuff your doing, but this is some really neat data."

Which is to say, even the magic that no one yet understands and doesn't have any scientists nearby to try? Is not going to be magically (*ahem*) immune to science, and not going to disprove science.
Who said magic was going to disprove science?

I suspect that's the main problem that some of you nuts-n-bolts types have with the introduction of fantasy-style magic into the superhero're afraid it's going to make science look "wrong." It's not. It doesn't. Magic has been a staple of the superhero world (especially Marvel and DC) from the very beginning, and it coexists peacefully with the science and science fiction aspects of the genre. Magic is just a different type of superpower, like psionics or mutations or advanced technology.

And again, Joss has a long history with magic and the supernatural. This is the guy who brought us Buffy and Angel; he's not going to balk at the notion of supernatural magic at work in the MCU.


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