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Default Re: What if people/AIM are selling/distributing powers?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Also, even when they *do* introduce magic, its not going to be "and now every scientist randomly loses 100 IQ points." Its going to be like the magic in Thor: you say "potato," I say "we don't have a good scientific theory for the magical stuff your doing, but this is some really neat data."

Which is to say, even the magic that no one yet understands and doesn't have any scientists nearby to try? Is not going to be magically (*ahem*) immune to science, and not going to disprove science.
I think it would be cool if they took a Doctor Who approach to magic and made it where "magic" is just another form of math except while we use numbers, "magic" uses words, symbols, and certain objects to form and solve "functions". A certain input leads to a certain output.

And really that's an idea they can expand on, since I've only seen one episode of Doctor Who use magic/sorcery and that explanation was given very briefly. So Marvel could really own that idea in pop culture.

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