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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
You forget though that Singer is only directing DoFP because Vaughn dropped out. It was not some kind of grand plan on Fox's part to get the guy who started it all to direct again.
They already had Singer, in a Producing role. He wrote the story for First Class, and was planning on directing.

And Vaughn only directed First Class because Singer couldn't.

Why do you think Vaughn dropped out of DOFP? (besides his normal tendency to...)

I'll give you a hint:

The studio had a change of thought midway through development, due to various factors.
And then...'creative differences' reared their ugly head.

In many peoples' opinions, Singer's back where he should be (and where FOX originally wanted him to be), at the helm.

We're agreed on everything else.

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