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Default Re: Should this have a Batman Villian and if so who should it be?

Maybe it's just because The Riddler is being done in a fresh and cool new way in the Batman comic at the moment, but I think he could be a good fit. If Superman is the heavy lifter, the Ridder could be used to show off Batman's detective skills (brain vs brawn essentially.) The Riddler would be a good character to go up against.

Deathstroke is another good one, but with so many of Batman's rogue gallery, they can't exactly take Superman on 1 on 1, so whether its Deathstroke or someone else, they'll have to find a way to keep them fairly separate from Supes.

Much like in Superman: For Tomorrow when he arrives in Gotham, saves the girl, captures the Joker for the police all in one go. To paraphrase:

Batman: 'What are you doing?'
Superman: 'Making your job look easy.'

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