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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
Thor is attached to Jane because being banished to Earth was a punishment before he met her. She helped Earth become a place that Thor not only appreciates, but also loves. She is also part of the reason he became worthy to lift Mjolnir once again. She helped him learn humanity.

Jane is attached to Thor because he's a being from another world. Thor is her research personified. Any normal person would be fascinated by Thor, but for someone like Jane who's essentially a social reject who believes in beings from other dimensions. She's not only fascinated by him, but she's elated by his mere existence.

I feel like I'm the only one that has understood this since the first film. Sure it could be fleshed out more, but it has always been "established."
When exactly did this happen? Thor's appreciation for mankind and the reason he becomes worthy again are directly connected to his relationship with his brother and father.

Everything goes to the moment that Thor believes that his selfish, ill-tempered manner has cost his father's his life.

The reason most wouldn't understand that is because it isn't really there. Thor is kinder and gentler to Jane after that moment, but he would have been so with any other being at that point (shown by the cup and night out drinking) because he has been humbled by what he believes is his father's death.

Odin's entire reason for sending Thor to Earth is to teach him one of the most important aspects of ruling and that is to think how one's actions can effect many others. That is why when he sacrifices himself, not for love but for good of others (many he does not even know), he becomes worthy of Mjolnir again. He becomes his father's worthy successor.

Jane has absolutely no effect on this.

If you look at the Jane and Thor story in the first film she hits him with her car, hits him again, she decides not to help him, helps him, flirts with him, makes out with him and then waits for him. That is their story and it isn't as if there is much bubbling under the surface like Steve and Peggy or Tony and Pepper. It is very generic and why the heart of the story is that of father and his sons.

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