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Default Re: An Argument For A Batman Who Is At The Peak Of Human Conditioning.

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Are we talking about the same educated audience that has no issue with Batman healing his back in 3 months time, or the fact that he falls off a building, holding onto another person and doesn't die on impact?
For the latter, are you talking about the scene in TDK when he drops that mobster? It didn't really bother me, the building wasn't that high and he wears a protective suit that can dampen the effect of hard impacts. He also would know how to fall. A lot of people have survived much harder falls without injury because they knew how to land.

As for him healing his back in three months, I recall that people did complain about that scene, and that in general satisfaction with the third movie was lower because the script had several eye roll moments. It had that, it had Robin figure out who Batman was based on the look of his face, Catwoman beating up people twice her size with ease, 3,000 police officers surviving for 3 months in total isolation, Bruce Wayne somehow getting back into Gotham and finding Selina Kyle first thing, and Batman somehow surviving a nuclear blast.

Finally, these are different kinds of maturity and education. Very few people have medical degrees. A lot more people will roll their eyes if Bruce Wayne can be an effective Batman every night for decades, run Wayne Enterprises a s a full-time CEO, and build all his weapons in his spare time. The latter is vastly more ridiculous.

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