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Originally Posted by Matarreyes View Post
Aaaand to steer the conversation away from weird bulky suits and onto current ones: do you guys think Tony will be controlling his suit with his mind or through some tech parts installed into him?

To make myself clear: is Extremis something that messes with his brain (making him able to talk to computers), or something that messes with his body (like his bracelets in Avengers, but installed under his skin)?

I know the answer in comicverse, and frankly it does not make an ounce of sense, and I hope they really polish it for the movie - maybe tie in with JARVIS, IDK.

Extremis in the comics functions non to different than it did in the film, in that it rewrites the immune system of the host, and and basically super charges user in the following ways:

Superhuman Strength: An Extremis subject's strength can be increased to superhuman levels, providing the user enough strength to toss cars and people with relative ease, break someone's skull with a single punch, counter Iron Man's superhuman physical blows, break Iron Man's bones with ease through the suit, rip the highly durable suit apart without effort, and even use the "blade" of a bulldozer as a blunt force object.

Superhuman Speed: An Extremis subject can move and run at incredible speeds up to 300mph, although it is unknown if this is the top speed an Extremis subject can move at.

Superhuman Stamina: The nanobots provided Mallen with almost unlimited stamina, with no need to eat, drink or breathe air.

Superhuman Durability: Extremis-enhanced beings have greater resistance to physical injury than an ordinary human. They are able to withstand bullet impacts and direct fire of Repulsor Blasts without feeling pain, at a potency higher than which a Repulsor Blast needs to have to cut through metal, only suffering minor wounds. Iron Man's uni-beam only caused Mallen great discomfort without injury.

Fire-Breathing: At the user's discretion, his/her lungs fill with fire plasma which he/she can exhale through his/her mouth. Mallen torched a lobby full of people through this method.

Claw-like pincers: An Extremis subject can unsheathe stings from his/her fingertips. They are very durable, and in conjunction with super-strength, they can be used by the Extremis subject to claw through a converter box.

Electrical discharge: Extremis-enhanced beings are able to discharge extremely powerful electrical currents through his/her hands which seemed to emanate from his chest through his arms.

Healing Factor: Extremis-enhaced beings can also heal wounds at a incredible speed, in a matter of hours.
The basic version of Extremis was what Mallen used in the comics. Killian and his Extremis goons in IM3 also used this, but with the power set altered for he film (the electrical discharge and claw like pincers were excluded).

Now as far as Tony goes, Tony modified Extremis and injected himslef after being wounded in battle with Mallen (who like the Killian and the Extremis Soldiers in the film, could rip the armor apart with his bare hands).

Tony's version of Extremis functioned somewhat differently, swapping out the "super powers" like fire breathing, in exchange for:

Direct Cybernetic Interface: The Extremis virus have fused Stark's armor to his body. Initially the inner layers of the Iron Man armor were stored in the hollows of his bones, but later his entire exo-armor would be contained within carbon nanotubes. He is able to manifest and control the armor through direct brain impulses and even utilize some of its powers when unsurfaced. He has direct, cyberpathic control over the communication devices, scanning equipment, and recording devices located in his helmet.

Wireless Communication: He was also able to remotely connect to external communications systems such as satellites, cellular phones, and computers throughout the world. Stark is also capable of projecting his voice through transmitting sound systems such as cellular phones via electric transmissions from his central nervous system.

Superhuman Reflexes: The Extremis virus granted him enhanced speed reactions and movements.

Regenerative Systems: Stark was capable to biologically heal himself and repair the armor.

The virus in both versions also improved all their organics, replacing them with stronger ones; muscles, skin, organs. Whether this was the case in the film is unknown.

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