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Default Re: An Argument For A Batman Who Is At The Peak Of Human Conditioning.

Originally Posted by teagone View Post
I think you really did believe those gifs were real.
Uh, if it tickles your funny bone to believe that, go ahead, I won't stop you.

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
We most definitely have not.

The video game is obscure on a pop culture basis, it has sold 2.5 million units worldwide:

In contrast, the second and third Nolan Batman movies sold ~100,000,000 movie tickets. That factor of 40 encompasses the transition from "obscure" to "mass market".

No, he's made it better. TDK is broadly considered the greatest superhero movie ever made: it's got the highest Rotten Tomatoes score, the highest IMDB score, and the most oscars.
I think you are either taking what I said extremely literal on purpose, or the context of what I'm saying it just lost on you. I'm not sure why anyone would think I literally meant everybody has played Arkham or that Nolan literally ruined Batman.

To respond to what you said, most people here are hardcore fans in the 18-35 age range. It's safe to say a lot of the Batman/DC fans on the forum have played Arkham.

No need to go pulling stats out, I wasn't making it a competition between the video games and a billion dollar movie franchise.

As far as Nolan, he ruined Batman movies for those who have to follow behind him because people love to enslave themselves to his vision of Batman and are scared to deviate.

I enjoyed the movies wholeheartedly, but it's time for something new.

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