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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
So yeah, going back to my original post, I don’t think the MCU has done as great of a job in establishing a great reason as to why Thor would want to be with Jane of all people.

I mean when I think about other comic book couples like MOS’s take on Superman/Clark and Lois, or even couples like Peter/Gwen, Tony/Pepper, and Steve/Peggy, it’s definitely easy to know why the male leads fell for her female counterparts because the female leads were written in a way where they were able to understand the protagonists in ways that no one else could and were there for them when they needed someone the most.

I didn’t get that sense, at least not as strongly, when it came to Thor and Jane.
This is how I see. It's just a personal theory but tell me what do you guys/girls think:

Personally I liked Thor and Jane's relationship in the first movie. People say it's 'love-at-first-sight'-******** but I thought it was quite the contrary.

I'm not sure Thor truly loves Jane as much as he simply cares about her. Even if the former is correct, I always saw his "love" as a feeling that must be taken from an out-of-time perspective in which values are very different. Yes, he asked Heimdall to look after her, but his duties are much more important for him: he didn't waste one second blowing up the Bifrost (knowing he was erasing any known chance to see her again); when Loki invaded Earth, he simply made sure Jane was okay, but the capture of his brother and the retrival of the Tessaract had top priority. Thor appreciates Jane, but even in Thor: The Dark World he returns for her out of a sense of duty: he promised her he would return, so it's his obligation to do so.

Meanwhile, I always saw Jane as someone who doesn't particualry love Thor himself, but what he represents. Imagine you're the wide-eyed astrophysicist, dreaming about worlds beyond the sky and then, one day, this man comes out from the very place you've been dreaming about. It's not that Jane loves Thor as a person, and I'm sure she likes him (well, it's Chris Hemsworth after all) but I believe that she simply worships Thor; just look at her face when hearing stories about Asgard and visiting the place itself in Thor: The Dark World. For Jane Thor is, literally, a God.

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman both said Thor: The Dark World will explore their relationship with from a more nuanced perspective. Hemsworth directly acknowledged that their characters didn't feel real love for each other at the end of the first film and that this installment would adress that. So yeah, I can't wait.

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