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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
Cherokeesam I´ll ask again. Your avatar, is it from Westcoast Avengers when Pym re-visits Hawkeye because someone(that is a prisioner in the WA HQ) were using Goliath-like stuff?

Also regarding what you said: "The teaser suggests that Iron Man is the *vessel* for Ultron's arrival, *not* that Stark creates him. I strongly, strongly suggest that people read Bendis' Mighty Avengers from a few years back, particularly the story arc that featured Ultron taking over Iron Man."

I agree 100%, I think Stark is more like a victim here. Yes vessel is one way of describing it.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that avatar is from WCA. I lifted it from the Internets, and the source doesn't identify it.

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
What, you guys think that Ultron is going to use Extremis to turn Tony Stark into a female version of itself? Stark didn't take Extremis, for one thing, so that's out. The GA ain't gonna buy Tony turning into a naked robot chick for another. Comics writers have gone on some seriously weird-ass benders in recent years.
Forget about the naked chick part. Especially considering that Joss and Edgar and Feige have *still* given absolutely no indication that Janet does or will exist in the MCU.

What I'm talking about is that, post-IM3, Tony will build the Extremis/Bleeding Edge armor, so that the suit literally becomes part of him, making him essentially a type of cyborg. That permanently solves the design problem of the time required to suit up, that "holy grail" he's been chasing for the Iron Man armor over four films. That also makes the suit activate and react to Tony's thought patterns instantaneously, making JARVIS no longer a necessary part of the suit.

That being said, Ultron (created by someone/something else) is able to literally hack into the Extremis armor, and by extension, the brain of Tony himself. So the early parts of the movie feature Iron Man literally turning "evil," and the other Avengers are the only ones who can stop him; and they're also faced with the dilemma of trying to rescue Tony while simultaneously knock him out. Meanwhile, Ultron is changing Iron Man/Tony into....something else. Not a naked robot chick (darn ), but into the Ultron we all know and hate love.

In other words: Tony Stark doesn't create Ultron. JARVIS doesn't become Ultron. Tony Stark becomes Ultron.


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