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Default Re: Future TV shows from Marvel?

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
I'm being serious. I'm not really known for having access to info like this, but you know I'm not into BS'ing and wasting people's time on here either. Nothing is a guarantee in life, but the project is on the table. I was hoping my connection was going to land a movie gig because I am dying to go on a set visit. Ah well. LOL

When I sat and thought about it, the DD franchise does seem well-suited for a TV series though. It's also a safe route to build up some good faith in the character given how badly the original film bombed.
An on set visit to that could be very, very cool.

Another thing about DD is, he's also very connected to other characters. It would be easy for him to have a guest appearance/team up with other characters like Jessica Jones, Power man and Iron Fist, White Tiger and even Moon Knight.

Plus, lots and lots of Ninjas.

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