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Default Re: Plot for Iron-Man 4

Iron Man 4: The Armor Wars

Zeke Stane (Paul Feig) begins a plan to avenge his father by stealing technology from Stark Industries and then selling it off to the highest bidder while also crafting his own suits. To this end, he hires Ghost (Elijah Wood) to break into the actual Stark Industries building, steal a ton of company data and defeat Iron Man one on one.

Zeke then builds his own new armor that's in every way superior to Tony's and crafts a new suit for Ghost while a number of new bit villains appear mostly for fight scenes as Iron Man attempts to hunt down his knockoffs Blizzard, Mauler, Shockwave and Sunturion.

After destroying all four of them, Tony encounters Zeke and Ghost wearing versions of his armor that are significantly more advanced. Tony pulls through and defeats Ghost and eventually Zeke who admits that he's made the blueprints to make Iron Man armor available to the public and defeating him means nothing because he's already won.

This sets the stage for future sequels with Madame Masque, Detroit Steel, Living Laser, Titanium Man and Spymaster.

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