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Default Re: What villains are left for a 4th film?

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Challenged? The final battle in The Avengers was nothing special, don't misinterpet me, it was a better film overall, but in the final battle there never was much tension, i never thought the Chitauri were a big threat that could have defeated the team, and while in the end we saw that people were hurt, during the event itself we never saw that many casualties.

In Transformers 3 we saw people die like bugs, there was tension and the things going on felt big, the characters we know could die any second we saw much more damage. Not saying more damage = better, but the way the battle was presented put more weight into was was going on.

Besides the heroes United there wasn't anything in the battle i would consider exceptional, and from what i heard Michael Bay doesn't even like superhero movie, so besides trying to gain a lot of money too i don't see any reason for why Michael Bay would even try to give something bigger, expecially when he has already done so 1 year before Avengers came out.

I was talking scale of destruction/setting and note my "haha" and "explosions". Bay is always outdoing films on that scale. I don't see why that would be a surprise.

I disagree with you though.

I like DOTM for the carnage but I have huge issues with it. I actually want the people to die in Transformers because they are all annoying for the most part, like victims in a slasher film. They take away not just a lil but all the time from the autobots. Then we get cheap ass deaths from major Transformers like Iron Hide and Strascream. That was more frustrating then tense. Wreckers, Ratchet, Dino and Sideswipe all did nothing in the last hour. They disappeared or were saving marionette Prime. Theres so many badly written things in here, that just stop it from acheiving a higher level. Avengers put out on what I wanted to see. Transformers didn't. Hulk, Cap, Stark and even Widow/Hawkeye got their time to shine. There was some serious ultra epic crowd pleasing stuff there from everyone.

Besides the drillbot scene in DOTM, there was alot of the same old Transformers stuff going on. Mostly Shia running away and Prime jumping in last minute. It's extremely predictable. I think the first film was actually much more successful on its end battle. Alot of the bot battles near the end really did suck in DOTM compared to the ones in ROTF and TF1.

So while DOTM had what I would call one of the best set pieces I've ever seen, it left me extremely disappointed with the bot battles and just wasn't as exciting to me as Avengers. Just cause people didn't die doesn't means there is no weight. The deus ex machina that is Prime kills the tension of alot of scenes cause we all know exactly how its going down. The writers find a bad way to cut him out and then he owns the **** out of everything at the last minute.

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