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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate - Part 1

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
If a new timeline is established by the time travel, they don't have to erase anything. It still exists in its own timeline. That's what they did in Star Trek.

It depends if they follow the Star Trek model or opt for something different, such as the changes made in the past having a ripple effect through the existing films and making SOME changes to events/outcomes.
Yes a new timeline does erase everything.That makes everything that had exsisted ilrelvent.Star Trek Into darkness doesn't even try to stick to anything.
There are reasons many longtime trek fans gave thumbs down to Into Darkness.

Too many praise what abrams did way too much.Instead of alternate timeline BS
they should just reboot all the way.

Plus your going to have war among fandom.If you think first Class VS OT Is bad now just imagine if OT,and the wolverine are erased by end of DOFP.

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