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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate - Part 1

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Certain films gain a higher reaction then others and personal opinion differs. Again, Star Trek was a huge hit for the franchise in every way. Critics, audiences and box office. Abrams hit the goal there. That's why he gets the praise. In Star Treks case a reboot was the answer.
Or you know, it could have been left.

Why do these same universes have to constantly be retold in different versions?

I have no desire to see Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Ohuru, etc... again. I saw them. They were done wonderfully by Shatner, Nimoy, Takei, Nichols, etc...


Move on to something else.

Reboots are the worst thing to happen to Hollywood.

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