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Default Re: Batman as a Vehicle for the Surveillance State

Batman could have bat themed ornithopter drones or fixed wing drones (or both).

Originally Posted by roach View Post
Nolan's Batman represented how the world see's America.
Only 1% of America is in the 1%...

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
I don't like Batman symbolizing the surveillance (police?) state just yet.

Maybe in a Kingdom Come movie where all the characters are extreme/fully-realized versions of themselves but not in Batman/Superman or a World's Finest movie.

Before Batman is driven to extremes to lock down Gotham completely he's just a lone renegade crusading for justice in a corrupt wasteland.

He's the idealistic rebel who later becomes a hardened dictator. People need to see the full evolution from the beginning, which means hints of draconian/Orwellian beliefs rather than a full display of them.
This Batman has been confirmed to be middle aged and well into his career under the mask.

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