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Default Re: An Argument For A Batman Who Is At The Peak Of Human Conditioning.

The idea behind this thread is great, but the fact that it devolved into a Nolan bashing/ TDKT hate thread makes it almost unreadable.

Bruce was peak human in the Nolan movies. How could he do the vanishing, or beat up 10 highly trained guys at once, if he weren't?!?

You don't like the choreography or the style? Ok. But don't start trolling.

Besides that, we will never see a Batman move like you want him to, since its impossible in that kind of suit, especially with the vision and hearing restrictions that the cowl brings with it.

And @slumcat: you are easily my least favorite poster on the hype. You bring down every thread you enter and just suck any fun out of anything. You are a well mannered troll, but a troll none the less.

I believe in Ben Afflecks Batman!
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