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Default Re: Batman Vs Superman: can't we find a better title than that? Any suggestions?

Originally Posted by The Boy Scout View Post
What other concept does it need to encompass? The movie is about Batman and Superman teaming up, and the title, regardless of how you feel about it, reflects that perfectly.

It's not more meaningful at all. "Hey, this movie is about Spider-Man. Hey, and guess what? He's amazing!"

The marketing would tell the GA what the film is about and they would be able to make the connection between the title and the stars.

You know they've never actually called themselves that, right?

And "The Dark Knight" did? Or "Man of Steel"? Or "The Avengers"? Or "Iron Man"?



I'd be first in line.
This. I gotta say, these anti-WF arguments are making me facepalm. It's like people are fishing for excuses not to use the title.

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
People always claim that Batman's villains are more interesting than he is. Even in the comics.
Originally Posted by Oberon sexton View Post
Yeah but those people are ****s more or less. :o
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