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Default Re: Batman Vs Superman: can't we find a better title than that? Any suggestions?

Everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinion but I have to say it's funny seeing some of these attempts to try and add illegitimacy to the title by coming up with baseless information.

Regwec seems to have a good enough reason for not wanting that title but I don't think they apply to a large portion of people. I highly doubt audiences will be in a humongous uproar if it's titled World's Finest. It definitely does hold significance and it being used would absolutely make more sense than not like The Boy Scout pointed out.

Being against the "Vs" option is understandable in my view seeing as in cinematic history films which have used that are nothing more than tacky b grade level crossovers (e.g Freddy vs Jason & Alien vs Predator) having Batman and Superman reduced to that level would not be desirable.

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