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Default Re: "...a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent": Does this not worry anyone els

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
Well, that last part tends to vary from version to version. There are some versions where, in spite of all of his training, his first night out was the first time he was every seriously in danger. Personally I think that's more fun, but then I prefer a Batman who has to struggle to get things done.
Like I said, he still has a better understanding of the nature of the world than Superman does when he starts out and that is due to travelling the whole globe while in most continuities, Clark doesn't travel much prior to becoming other than a few places in the US and to the North Pole. Regardless, Clark doesn't really have more experience than Bruce when he starts either.

Sure that Batman struggled a bit in his first year. Sure that he did get his butt kicked a bit by the GCPD and some other thugs in Year One. However, the same thing applies to Superman. He didn't easily take out your average alien invasion when he started out in the same way Batman today easily takes out some common thugs. He got better at the job with more experience. Both got better at the job with more experience. Both grew separately on the job in Metropolis and Gotham respectively, and then grew together once they met and formed the JL.

Well, I think the reason people assume that much of a gap is because that's the age gap between the actors.
It's not just that. It's also everything they said about the new Batman, including the way they worded it, and also all the reports prior to Batman being cast that reported a lot of aspects WB was looking for in the new Batman. Plus, Affleck looks in his late 30's at best. Cavill still looks relatively young and Year One-ish. There is an obviously large age gap between them of around 10 years - maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less.

Y'see, what you describe sounds very human to me. Not particularly healthy or balanced, but human. Batman's an introvert who suffers from depression who's created this belief system and monastic lifestyle for himself to cope with his pain. The details may be different, but I can relate to that on a pretty basic level.
An average person is not that way at all. They're not insane, obsessive, paranoid, cold, or calculative. They also don't paint themselves as monsters and try to perfect their mind in every field in order to do that. Most other humans also lived a normal life - went to school, had a lot of friends, etc. - as opposed to spending their entire childhood training to become a tactical machine. Clark Kent, Barry Allen, and Hal Jordan are a lot more like your average human than Bruce Wayne is.

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