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Default Anime: Why you love/hate it so much?

As many people would like to point out, I have an unusual hatred for anime. This is in fact not true... I just hate certain anime.

For the side that loves it: I think I'm more of a fan of older ones such as Lodoss War (even though it's clearly one of those anime that's VA aged). But I can enjoy newer ones. Summers Wars isn't one of my favorites, but there's some enjoyment here and there. Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Lupin the Third: Castle of Caglliostro (or however you spell it), Miyuzaki movies, and a lot more that escapes my mind.

For the side that hates it: I detest like 90% of generic ones.... Especially the really bad sort. ******* anime like Sword Art Online is an example because I HATE a lot of anime....

What is your love/hate relationship with anime.

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