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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
While I have fleshed out my complaints about Goyer, I realize it is fair that I praise him for the parts of the film he did well. On the structural level, I enjoyed the incorporation of elements from Morrison's run on Superman; I enjoyed every scene with the Kents; I enjoyed his interpretation of Kryptonian technology; Zod was a terrific character---he had understandable motivations, but horrible ways of fulfilling them (like Nero from Star Trek 2009); I enjoyed the scenes between Lois and Superman; I enjoyed how Lois was able to hold her own ground against forces stronger than her (that is one of Goyer's strengths: he writes women well. They can hold their own against super villains, without having super powers or tech); and I liked how he established several threads that can be explored in future films (Luthor's presence, Supergirl, among others.)
Ooooh, you did like some parts of the movie! Yay!

I liked all that stuff too.

To be fair, I do have my own criticism of the film. For me, the weakest part of the film will always be the opening sequence. I love it because it really is very beautiful, and it's emotional in its own way, but it feels like it could have either benefited from being expanded, or conversely, pared down just a bit.

Also, I feel like they could have added in a three or four minute scene about Clark's childhood that would have shown us why the Kent's kept Clark isolated. I can figure it out just fine on my own, but it is something I would have wanted to see.

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