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Default Re: Batman Vs Superman: can't we find a better title than that? Any suggestions?

Here's an unpopular opinion: both of the titles suck.

They showcase a lack of thought into a title that can represent both of the comic icons well. Considering the half-assed logo they showed at Comic-Con, the lack of thought into this film - as evidenced by Snyder's indirect reveal that batman's inclusion was forced-this is a rushed project that is playing roulette with a nearly full revolver. I prefer they not use an existing title (World's Finest) and not one that sounds like it was conceived during the brainstorming for a half baked film (Batman vs Superman sounds like something Jim Wynorski shot in the 1980's when he had less than a week to shoot something with them before the rights expired.) They are both half assed titles and highlight the lack of thought that has gone into the pre-production of the film.

*I will forgive the writers of Man of Steel, if Superman is the Enlightened Sun God he is supposed to be, in Superman vs. Batman. Quite simply, Superman does not kill. The writers of MOS failed to grasp this, to this film's detriment.
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