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Default Re: Batman Vs Superman: can't we find a better title than that? Any suggestions?

Here's an unpopular opinion: both of the titles suck.

They showcase a lack of thought into a title that can represent both of the comic icons well. Considering the half-assed logo they showed at Comic-Con, the lack of thought into this film - as evidenced by Snyder's indirect reveal that batman's inclusion was forced-this is a rushed project that is playing roulette with a nearly full revolver. I prefer they not use an existing title (World's Finest) and not one that sounds like it was conceived during the brainstorming for a half baked film (Batman vs Superman sounds like something Jim Wynorski shot in the 1980's when he had less than a week to shoot something with them before the rights expired.) They are both half assed titles and highlight the lack of thought that has gone into the pre-production of the film.

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"I've known since I first took over the series that I wanted to eventually have someone else pick up the hammer," says the writer. "It's kind of a time-honored Thor tradition at this point, isn't it? Going back to the days of Beta Ray Bill."
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