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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Sure, thanks for asking.
My thoughts are as they always are when the superior power falls to the inferior one in any scripted conflict. From die hard, to sports films to rocky movies to mythology and so on... Anything is possible with the right foresight/execution and of course heart is what I walk away with.
My second thought was even simpler, I guess they weren't all that superior to begin with.
Seems like a no brainer.
Your point falls apart as this point was further illustrated by the characters, JorEl believes this so much that he was willing to break a great rule of krypton in the natural birth of KalEl. This is what I mean by contradicting themselves, we are told kryptonians are predisposed to certain roles within their society. Engineered with the purpose of carrying out that role and then bam we have a scientist taking out several people bred for combat single handedly. This wouldn't have been an issue if they were not trying to reinforce the fact that in order to escape this predetermined destiny you had to be born free of the system. Your trying to tell me this yet you have a man at the very start of the film breaking this concept in half before the story even branches out.

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
How many people has batman beat up that are "superior to him"? And when he does it how often is this attributed to a measure of the mind?
People aren't robots. Sometimes as in MoS, a keen minded warrior get's the jump on his opponents. Whether he simply draws fire first, has his robots blind them with a flare or simply overcomes another fighter versed in his same fighting style.
Except Batman wasn't bred solely to fulfill one role, also JorEl wasn't a warrior but a scientist. Again this wouldn't be much of a problem if the film didn't reinforce the concept of predetermined roles. Seems Goyer and co where trying to be a bit clever and raise a certain theme in the film but when closely examines falls apart.

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
The day will come when superman will have to face off with Doomsday and if doomsday is anything like the source material, he will be "Superior" to superman on print.
When superman isn't defeated and possibly wins, I will come up with the same explanation: There is more to physical sentient confrontation than power bars. I loved the under sides of upper deck superhero cards as much as the next kid, know.

People need to stop drawing conclusions from what is implied and start drawing them from what is shown.

Let me pull you on something of my own: If the audience enters the cabin of a old retired farmer. The camera racks around the volume and you are made privy to a few of the mans possessions. On the wall you see old boxing gloves and a few prize fighting trophies. This old farmer is then confronted but mafia debt collectors and he overcomes them with formidable head movement, footwork and striking. STORYTELLING being what it is, the boxing trophies communicate to the audience what they need to know to understand this plot development.
Whatever you and your audience what to believe JorEl and his contemporaries are, the minute you are made privy to his armor and training you are shown a higher order of characterization than that of being told "People on Krypton are born to fill roles in society" and "Your father was our foremost scientist". You are being told what the character in question in fact is, it's this revelation that you need to measure against his task.
JorEl isn't simply a pencil pusher and Zod isn't a god of confrontation. Clearly.
When what is shown and stated contradict one another what is the audience to do but to question this huge contradiction.

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