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Default Re: Transformers: Prime

I am sooooooo freaking late to the party. What a great ending to the series. It's a shame this show did not get more love from long time fans. It was so well done for an all ages type show. That shocker with Bee and Megs was so well done. I really thought things were going to get bleak at the end when Bumblebee jumped into the line of fire.

I like that it subverted expectations AND yet it also felt organic. As a capper to the series they exploited the continuity of the show very well, from returning to Bee and Meg's history, using the synthetic energon to remembering about the Star Saber.

I think the two things that ultimately gave this show a leg up over previous incarnations were the focus on tight plotting and bringing back Cullen AND Welker in their respective roles. These two characters, Optimus and Megatron, were never as well written or performed as they were on this show. Bravo all around. Of course now I wonder what good the HUB will be after this.

Still I think this show's creative team should take a bow. They made a TF that could appeal to both newer fans and those like myself that went crazy about TF back in the long ago 1980's.

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