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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
That's false IMO.
You're welcome to be wrong.

Originally Posted by Oswald View Post
I haven't read the Owls storyline, but I'm sure it's better than the "Death of the family" storyline. Mostly because is difficult to be worse than that...
It begins as a legitimately good story for the first 5-6 issues, but quickly degenerates into the poor man's version of Grant Morrison's Batman run, told in the manner of Hush, but as I said, worse than both (yeah, even worse than Hush). Turning a faceless, shapeless, leaderless organisation into a villain cabal led by one man introduced earlier in the storyline, who then reveals himself as Thomas Wayne Jr.

But this is to be expected, the story had to be mutilated in order to fit into the New 52. When Snyder started to write it, it was a Dick Grayson-as-Batman story (hence Nightwing as a co-star early on), but had to fit the new mandate.

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