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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post

1) They wanted a "deep" backdrop of a Krypton without choice, so that Kal-El could be a special birth, a special baby, and the movie's theme could be choice, and it could set up Planet Earth as a foil and thus make viewers feel good, because viewers like Earth;
2) They wanted Jor-El to be one of the most ultimate badasses in the history of science fiction films, and they wanted Zod to be a rebel against his society;
3) They never realised or cared that "1" and "2" contradicted each other.

I don't think most viewers consciously notice these details. Nevertheless, it would have been a more powerful film experience if they had painted a much more sterile-looking and sterile-feeling Krypton, rather than just telling us that Krypton was sterile.
Yeah, it was cool seeing Krypton come alive the way it did, but in respect to the theme that Krypton was a dead world in every sense (planet dying, society dying), maybe its visual vividness could have been toned down, e.g. omit the dragon.

Saying that, this isn't a knock on the film. A preference than any real issue.

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