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Default Re: Poll:If DOFP Is a hit but Hugh jackman quits as Wolverine what do you think fox d

Originally Posted by CyclopsWasRight View Post
First Class wasn't a disaster. Many consider it the best X-Men movie.

I think they'd continue and recast in a few years.
Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Jackman aint leaving. He may be absent for a bit to take a break but that's it. This series is gonna hit a peak with DOFP. The only way they would "reboot" any time soon is with the already established First Class cast...where Jackman's Wolverine is still around.

First Class cast isn't going anywhere unless DOFP flops, and we already know X-Force is in continuity to the X-Men film world. There's obvioulsy zero plans to completely re-start.
i agree with both but oh dear this will drive at least 3 predictable posters (who i shall not name) on here nuts and turn this into another FC vs OT dispute

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