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Default Re: Poll:If DOFP Is a hit but Hugh jackman quits as Wolverine what do you think fox d

This Is logicil discussion since there are plenty of people online running with jackman about ready to quit stories.

Even If OT and the wolverine were erased you would still have jackman as Wolverine In 1973 however i don't know how X-force would work then.

If they want to do another with OT cast a possable solution Is do X-force and another past film before going back to future with jackman as wolverine.

You could set X-force in altere future Introducing Apocalypse.You could do another past film where James Mcavoy's Xavier recruits teenage versions of Cyclops,Jean,and storm and
has them with beast.You could Introduce Sinster and then you do film In future where jackman returns as wolverine where X-Men face apocalypse with SInster as servent of apocalpyse.

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