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Default Re: Poll:If DOFP Is a hit but Hugh jackman quits as Wolverine what do you think fox d

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Even If OT and the wolverine were erased you would still have jackman as Wolverine In 1973 however i don't know how X-force would work then.

If they want to do another with OT cast a possable solution Is do X-force and another past film before going back to future with jackman as wolverine.
X-Force are new characters not mansion related. It doesn't need to be on X1-3's timeline, just the X-Men world all these films take place in the OT post DOFP time. The world won't be completely erased but X1-3 will no longer be the same due to the good ol fun of time travel.

Singer already confirmd this at SDCC. When asked if he's changing the continuity of the established universe he flat out said "Yes, theres some of that", "some things will change, it's the nature of time travel" and "I'm less entrapped by those previous films". He's gonna pick and choose what stays accordingly, so the films can move on without having to erase the X-Men film world completely. This is their form of rebooting while keeping the same actors.

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