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Default Re: Poll:If DOFP Is a hit but Hugh jackman quits as Wolverine what do you think fox d

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
well I would think X-force would be set in adjusted or corrected future as Bryan Singer might say.I don't think X-force can be set In past before there Is much of X-men.Dofp 1973 part has X-men of Xavier,beast,and Wolverine likely teaming up with Brotherhood of Magneto,Mystique,and Quicksilver against Trask and Stryker.
Yes, I agree X-Force shouldn't be in the past and should be in the corrected post DOFP future. Sorry, I misread your post earlier.

Introducing Apocalypse In X-force would be Ideal and to give jackman time away from character X-force and a final past X-Men film could be way to go.
I agree with X-Force and Apocalypse. I really have no idea with FC and the OT. A movei with either can work, depends where they are when we last see them in DOFP.

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