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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman

Man that place looks amazing!! Seriously need a holiday now...

Yeah ^ I think I read something a while ago where Cav-El said he always tries to stop for people, it doesn't matter if he's having a really bad day or not in the right frame of mind because this might be the fan's only chance to meet him and he doesn't want them thinking he's not a nice person. Can't remember the quote but that's cool, espec with kids cos meeting Superman must be like a dream come true. The smile on that kid's face is so funny. Props to him though, it must get seriously annoying having to stop all the time for pics.

I think it's obvious how serious he was about the role of Superman and I think he's serious about portraying it offscreen to a degree as well - just being polite and humble and decent to his fans. Which really is like exactly what you want for Superman, if he was even the slightest bit arrogant or entitled it would suck and would taint his portrayal of Supes.

Can't really wade in on the latest hair debate - I've had serious LOLs at the hair debates on this forum btw - as I know nothing about dudes' hair in the 60s - all I can say is that his hair is most definitely done by a stylist on the film at this point, and re MOS, his hair never bothered me... I never pictured Supes with close cut hair, I always imagined it kind of thick and wavy like his is.

Also, he's clearly wearing a muscle suit in the pics of him in that blue vest

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