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Default Re: (Green) Arrow Comics/Graphic Novel Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by ArcherFan View Post
Quiver was pretty heavy on the supernatural side - something not all that common in GA. Even considering the whole DC Mythos. That being said, I DO think it was decent, considering it was a 'Resurrection' story line. Certain tie-ins, and the placing of where certain characters (i.e. Hal) does allow it to make sense...

As for what to read after Year One, that depends on what you want for flavor. If you want the feel of Arrow, then read Grell's run in the eighties. Longbow Hunters is a good place to start (also the first appearances of both Shado and Eddie Fyers, if I recall correctly).

Grells run through issue...was in the 60s, I believe, basically ran as a 'mature' title and stayed away from the majority of the main-stream super heroics. Very down to Earth, gritty, etc. Can't remember all of the stories, so I couldn't say how well the they stand up to the test of time.
Yeah, I wasn't too big of a fan of Longbow Hunters mostly for that reason. I also felt the ending was a bit rushed. I will say that I loved the artwork, though.

As for Year One, I liked that a lot.

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