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Default Re: Incredible Hulk 2

I'd like to see the hulk series evolve this way

Indestructible Hulk - The Leader frames the Hulk for a nuclear explosion that levels the Twin Cities with a robotic copy of Hulk caught on camera. This leads the military to once again combine the super soldier serum with radiation treatment to create a force capable of taking out the Hulk. Enter the Gamma Corps: Red Hulk, Grey, Gideon, Axon and Mess, a strike team capable of taking down Hulk in a head-on fight. Needless to say, Leader uses the conflict to bide his time to build an army of robots. Tonally, it'll be much lighter than the first film and revolve around large action set pieces over personal drama.

Rampaging Hulk - Doing a complete 180 from the last film, Hulk now faces a much more personal threat in a darker film. Mercy is a serial killer who targets those she sees as, "tormented" and is stalking Hulk to kill him when he's vulnerable. Also featuring She-Hulk making her first appearance and Doc Samson helps Hulk develop a new, more stable personality that sets Merged Hulk as the default Bruce.

Planet Hulk - Hulk realizes that he's far too dangerous for this world and sets his sights on heading to a Kree colony where the population would be more resistant to injury. Instead, his ship malfunctions and he lands on Sakaar where he's enslaved and forced to fight as a gladiator. Tonally, it won't be as dark as the third, opting for action and humor over drama. Includes the first appearance of Joe Fixit and Green Scar.

Savage She-Hulk - Takes place in the same phase as Planet Hulk. Tonally the lightest in the series as She-Hulk isn't hunted down or tormented like her cousin is. The villain would be Flux, Behemoth, Rampage, Half-Life or Titania. I'm not picky. Daredevil would also appear in some capacity. This version of She-Hulk would be the lovable fourth-wall breaking version that would bring in a good amount of levity to the MCU come Phase 5.

Hulk Smash - Hulk returns... and he comes in peace. Too bad SHIELD mistakes it for an alien invasion thanks for Gen. Ryker and Hulk fights She-Hulk until things can get sorted out.

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