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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
^ It's funny, when people finally bring up the idea of comic plot devices being used, it gets shot down by certain individuals. I'd rather there see enemies be trapped/depowered/redeemed then just killed. I find THAT more creative, but to each his own.
I don't mind a mix of all those things. I do think in certain cases it makes more sense to have a bad guy die every now and then too, so it doesn't bother me.

Any of the situations can be done poorly, or done well. It just depends on the level of creativity, and how risky the writer wants to be.

Killing characters is risky, and more interesting in some ways. Besides, it's the comic book world. Who says Zod won't be animated by the third film and back to his usual evil self?

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