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Default Re: Incredible Hulk 2

I'm in agreement with the good Senator.
I'm only really interested in the Savage Hulk.The tragic Banner.The man on the run, searching for a cure.The misunderstood monster.So far,they've done a decent job with that,(TIH/TA) but they seem unwilling to get really invested in telling that story.

I think the biggest problem they need to overcome is similar to what I think the problem a Wonder Woman film has: Too many damn interpretations of the character.We keep hearing of a Planet Hulk or Grey Hulk or a thousand different variations that the character has had.They need to keep to the default version everybody knows,(especially the GA) the savage "Hulk Smash" incarnation.

We always need to hear Both Sides of the story.

How did we get this far? Human beings have an immeasurable desire....for FF to return to Marvel.

2/9/15 Spider-Man comes home! You're next FF!
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